Friday, September 15, 2017

Daily Practices


“Your Action Potential” brings you all the way back to the very basic component of life—the cell.  Simply put, “Your Action Potential” stimulates both your inside and outside cells.  They must work in harmony to release the dormant energy you need, not only to reach your thresholds, but to take the steps across on your way to your action potential.  Think of it as a laser-focused stimulus without having to be hooked up to a machine.

The goal is to help you to, not just survive, but to elevate you to a place where you will thrive.  As a team, we will seek out your areas of strengths.  Once we identify that, we will work together on those that need help.  Sound too easy?  That’s because it is.

Compare it to a road trip you have never taken before.  At first, it sounds much too daunting to go. You bombard yourself with questions like “How many miles is it?”, “How long will it take?”, “If I have to stop for a night, where will I stay?” Should I pack food for the trip, or are there convenient places to stop to eat along the way?”, and the list goes on.  By this time you are so overwhelmed, you cancel the trip.  If you had called AAA, it would have mapped out the best route for you and answered all your questions. You would have been ready to roll on what you would have seen as a great adventure. In essence, our program is your Triple A.

The trick is to apply this same technique to all the challenges you have in life.  Take a moment to think about how it could have changed your life; about all the time, emotion, money and angst it could have saved you.  But, don’t dwell on it, berating yourself for not having done it before.  You couldn’t do what you didn’t know. However, you know now and not taking advantage of that knowledge would be squandering a better future for you and your family.  You can find better health, true happiness and extended life if you find “Your Action Potential.”  Let us help you.  Sign up now for our “Your Action Potential-Your Perfect Beginning” seminar.