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5HTP-Benefits on Depression

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Many people think that depression is not a real medical problem. However if you have ever suffered from depression then you will be aware just how upsetting a condition it really can be.

Depression and Insomnia
Depression can affect your entire life. Many people who suffer from depression also suffer from insomnia. That’s why 5HTP is a popular treatment option for depression.

Treatment for depression and insomnia are normally very successful. These treatments will be able to address both depression and insomnia. 5HTP is one treatment which is very common and popular. The main reason that 5HTP is so popular is because it can treat both symptoms and also has fewer side effects to many other antidepressants and sleeping medications.

Benefits of 5HTP
You have lots of different chemicals in your brain which are known as Neurotransmitters. These chemicals are essential for normal brain functions and are used for a variety of different processes. 5HTP is a type of amino acid and this is used to produce serotonin.

Serotonin is an important neurotransmitter which is essential for various functions. If there are any 5HTP imbalances then this can cause problems with the amount of serotonin in your body.

Depression is often caused by low levels of serotonin and this is why taking 5HTP supplements can improve your condition. Serotonin is very important chemicals which are used to cope with pain levels and anxiety. If you are suffering from depression which is caused by 5HTP imbalances then you might find that it’s beneficial to use 5HTP supplements as part of your diet.

Because 5HTP improves serotonin levels it can also deal with insomnia in many cases. This is because during the night the serotonin is converted by your body into melatonin. Melatonin is a different chemical which has a different use. This neurotransmitter is used to help prepare your body to sleep.

If you have trouble getting to sleep at night then it could be because of the lack of serotonin which then means there is a lack of melatonin. If there is not enough serotonin in your body then there will not be enough melatonin at night.

Changing Serotonin Levels
By adjusting your serotonin levels in your body then you may be able to get the help that you so desperately need to treat insomnia and depression. Neurotransmitters are essential to help your brain function at its best.

One of the best things about the use of 5HTP is that it has very little side effect. Prescription antidepressants and other medications often have very nasty side effects. This makes 5HTP a very attractive alternative. Few people actually experience any side effects when taking these supplements.

It is however very important that you ask your doctors opinion before you start taking the supplement. Do your homework and make sure that you choose the best treatment for your own condition.

5HTP is being included in more and more modern medications which shows just how useful it is. 5HTP is a wonderful treatment because it has very few side effects.

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